Is there a better way?

There is: the Same-Day Justice Program is an arbitration service where you can walk away from a hearing in your case with a decision that day. Each side pays a flat fee—for a half-day or full day—and an expert arbitrator will carefully consider each side’s evidence at the hearing and then render a decision. That award is enforceable in courts, just like a judgment you would obtain after years of litigation in the court system. You don’t even need to use a lawyer, although you are free to do so if you choose.

Why did we create Same-Day Justice?  After practicing law for decades, we kept hearing the same questions from clients:

  • “Why is litigation so expensive?”
  • “Why does litigation take so long?”

The reasons are many.

  • Lawyers are trained to hunt for every scrap of evidence, and to raise every argument they can think of, no matter how peripheral. They can intentionally drag out litigation to extend the lifespan of cases.  The result is an adversarial system that is very good at uncovering every rock, stone, and pebble—but is a tremendously inefficient and expensive way to resolve disputes.
  • Courts and judges are overburdened with lawsuits, resulting in cases that often drag on for years. Even after a trial, the appellate process can add months or years to the life of a case.
  • Arbitration is a private dispute resolution mechanism conducted outside the court system, which was originally intended to streamline the process and be faster than courts. But in practice, it hasn’t worked out that way. Modern arbitrations regularly take years, which means they can last just as long as court cases.

The Same-Day Justice Program is the opposite of the existing dispute resolution platforms.  It is an efficient and affordable solution for resolution of commercial disputes.

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